Live close to the action, entertainment, and everything you need.

Why move to the middle of nowhere? Just because you’re a first home buyer, downsizing or investing, doesn’t mean that your budget should sacrifice your location. We aim to build all our homes in established suburbs, close to transport, and close to all the lifestyle benefits that Adelaide has to offer.

When you buy Qattro you buy smarter - because affordable doesn’t have to mean isolated.

Supporting the Community, supporting Australia

Built by people in your local community, using products made in Australia.

When you buy a Qattro home you deal with local staff employed directly by Qattro. We make every effort to build our homes using tradesmen, materials, and services from within the same communities that our homes are built in. We are proudly South Australian, and go to great lengths to build with as many South Australian and Australian Made products
as we can.

At Qattro, we are committed to supporting the country that supports us.

Buy Direct

The people you buy from are the people

who built it. One of the first things a third-party agent will ask you when you enquire about buying a new home is “Are you selling a property at the moment?” At Qattro, we only sell Qattro.

We are not here to chase listings, we are here to service you, the buyer, and help make your transition into your new
home as smooth as possible. Not only does this cut out third-party commissions, but it also gives us the opportunity to show you all of the impressive high-quality features built standard into a Qattro home. This also means that any after sales service you require is made available to you through the same people you bought from, and the same people who built it. This gives Qattro the ability to turn your communication quickly into action.


Houses spec’d for living.

Our standard inclusions read like our competitors' options list.

We don’t have a “provision for a Dishwasher” – we install a Dishwasher.

Our homes truly are “Turn-Key”. Moving house can be a stressful time, the last thing you need are surprise costs or to move in to your new home only to find what you thought was included… is not.

Our standard inclusions make your new home outstanding value for money.


We are an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Accredited Company.

Qattro has always challenged current industry standards and strived to provide the utmost levels of service and product quality. In doing so we have been officially recognised by SAI Global (the global leader in quality assurance testing) and become one of the privileged few to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Despite these high standards of operation, perfection is a journey that never ends at Qattro. With every home delivered we have feedback surveys completed by the new owners, each one helping us make your home the best it can be.

Of over 1000 homes designed and developed, the customer satisfaction surveys have returned an average of 8.8 out of 10. Qattro are extremely proud we can provide you a house you can comfortably call home.


You deal directly with the people who bring it to life.

You don’t need to buy an existing design; you may choose to build a custom home with us. Building your home with Qattro gives you instant flexibility and input. By cutting out the middle-man you have a direct link to the people building your dream. This gives you flexibility in the design of the final product, with any variations you would like to make communicated directly to us. You’re not dealing with an agent making promises they can’t keep about a product they’re not familiar with.